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About the Institute

Institute of Applied Physics and Biophysics NAS created by the decision of the Presidium of NAS of 25.02.98, the number 49 by the reorganization of the Scientific and Engineering Technology Center of Biotechnical Systems "Sonar".

Main research areas: laser physics and optical processes in materials; physical phenomena in biological structures; biotechnical physics structures.

Key achievements and developments:

Experimental studies of the mechanisms gidroadaptatsii Black Sea dolphins, their possible opto-acoustic analyzer systems, functioning underwater browser security guard and an employee, were used in the development and practical implementation of the technology and biotech gidrobionichnih underwater search systems, the study of physical phenomena and ecology of the hydrosphere. And developed the world's first domestic technology applied underwater for emergency decontamination residues dumped chemical toxicants and purified waters in the Black Sea. To monitor the level of contamination and the processes of natural biodegradation of toxicants in the field of floods, the methods and means of indicating the chemical contamination identified and held culturing microbial population - potential Biodestructors ecotoxicants flooded.

Based on studies of quantum electronics, new methods control lasing spectra, optical processes in materials. Developed spectral methods for determining the concentration of substances that absorb light.

Created and implemented technologies of precision laser cutting polymers, metals and alloys, perforated paper. Developed and employed in the manufacturing process of laser drilling machines for the securities, they applied in the manufacture of new Ukrainian passport and securities. Proposed spectral methods of pulse oximetry, non-invasive means for measuring oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, carboxyhemoglobin in humans. A number of technologies and devices of medical and biological applications.

Study of Physics zhelezoproteinov low temperature using electron spin resonance spectroscopy and small angle neutron scattering method for determining possible to create non-heme iron as samples of whole blood and blood serum and in the tissues, and their trace amounts. Designed and certified application technique called method in clinical practice than created conditions for the determination of iron metabolism parameters of fractional transferrin, ferritin and low molecular weight iron complexes, the concentration ratio which plays an important role in iron deficiency states in humans.

Are turned biotechnological methods to obtain important onkolecheniya active substance - the native form one of the key cytokines of human immune system - and interleukin-12. Experimentally confirmed biological effects are created as a significant sample preparation and antitumor activity protivometastaznaya.